About Medical Certificates

About Sports Medical Certificates

Due to the significant interest in our medical assessment service we have now arranged a web based assessment for the purpose of obtaining a signed medical form.

For the healthy person with no medical issues, and that will be the vast majority of you, the fee will be £65.

For those of you (who are still in great health but may have one or two slight medical issues) we will endeavor to keep the fee to £65 and our expert will contact you by phone to discuss the issues. We are confident that this will iron out most of the further questions that might arise. In a very small number of people requests for medical records and correspondence may be needed and we will pass the costs of obtaining these records on to you at cost (i.e. we will only charge you what we have been charged for obtaining these medical records).

For more details regarding the purpose and requirements regarding medical certificates, see below:

In April 2008 due to event insurance requirements, rules concerning medical certificates changed for most European events.

These entry forms will need to be accompanied with a stamped and signed certificate by a doctor or your GP.

In review of this requirement, we have access to accredited GP's across the UK, who will be fully acquainted with this procedure.

Some Italian events enforce the rules set out by Federazione Italiana Di Atletica Leggera (FIDAL) which require full diagnostic test results. We are unable to perform ECG, spirometry and urine tests online. Please check with the event organiser before you complete your online application.

Please Note: All personal information will be held on a secure private register provided by us and accessed by our agents. All information will be protected under our privacy policy and will only be made available to provide the facilitation of the medical certificate by an appointed GP.

General Data Protection Regulations

As from 25th May 2018

We have updated our Privacy Policy in accordance with the new General Data Protection Regulations.

This means:

  • Further protection of your personal data.
  • Standardisation of the European data protection.
  • Adoption of data protection in line with technology changes.