Physical exercise has undisputed health benefits and should be encouraged for everyone. Very many medical conditions are improved by physical exercise and in general it should not be considered dangerous. Common sense regarding personal safety should be applied to any planned activity, including physical exercise. Participants need to understand their own physical limitations and be prepared to stop exercising if they feel ill or are beyond their natural exercise capacity. All athletes should train properly and take efforts to manage any co-existing conditions according to standard medical advice.

The incidence of serious medical problems arising as a consequence of physical exercise is very low, and predicting rare events is intrinsically difficult. Our doctors make a judgement to issue your certificate on the basis of you having declared no medical contraindication to participating in the proposed event. This judgement relies on the balance of probability and on the assumption that the information you have provided is factually correct.

Our certificates are simply intended to satisfy the entry criteria for certain sporting events. They are not a guarantee against adverse events during exercise. They are not an insurance policy. They are not valid as medical indemnity.